My Name is Saul is Done!

My Name is Saul is Done!
My Name is Saul is Done!

My Name of Saul is done

Finally, your first or maybe fifth book is done. All that work, concentration and discipline over, done! For a time we feel exhilaration, relief and pride. But only for a while. Maybe it will be weeks, days or merely hours but inevitably, we’ll hear that voice, “Now what?

It’s Done, Now What?

I wrote those words four years ago. And smile as I read them again because this time those lovely feelings of relief and exhilaration came and went so quickly that I barely knew they were there. True because of the challenges looming in the next book which awaits. But it is too soon to write about that.

Not yet.

It is Lent, after all. What could be a better time than this holy season to ponder the life of St. Paul? The one conjured up by Someone Else? After all, My Name is Saul is Done!

One of the most common questions I am asked by others is about the characters

often people want to know if they are based on people I know, or have known in the past.

“Where do these people come from?”

They are great questions because most of the time, the characters come from somewhere outside of me. Nearing the end of the writing of I, Claudia I talked about a process I call ‘ceding control of the characters’…essential but “scary as hell.”

It’s not unlike standing in front of a vast audience with a carefully developed talk. And then throwing the perfectly structured lecture in the trash, opening your mouth and speaking from the heart. We’ve mostly likely watched others do this. But few have had the nerve to do it themselves. It requires a kind of trust…an absolute certainty that the spontaneous words spring from a different place. One where truth resides.
For writers of fiction, there is no choice. There is a point where we must stop the research. Give up the laudable but insufficient idea, “I know who she isn’t”- in my case, Claudia, generated by reading other novelists- and let this unique, never before conceived version of Claudia Procula emerge.
It’s scary as hell…walking away from the safety of the research and just letting go.

3 Essential Qualities for Writers

Now that My Name is Saul is Done, how are the reviews?

I am so happy you ask!

The book was just released last Wednesday- Ash Wednesday-here is the first review:

Talk about superb timing. This book is hitting the shelves right before Easter and this would make an ideal addition to every family celebrating. My Name is Saul should be a companion piece for everyone celebrating the rebirth this Spring.

The author, once more, has breathed life into two-dimensional people of the past. You will come to better know, understand, appreciate and love Apostle Paul with this work. Brilliantly researched and presented in a unique style, this book reads like a sermon from your beloved minister or one you once watched on TV: Billy Graham. A divine work that is another feather in the cap of this author.

Review My Name is Saul

And here is the second:

My Name is Saul is an exceptional novel laced with fact that will take you on a journey like no other. The reader in My Name is Saul will be introduced to St. Paul the Apostle, a notable biblical figure whose life has captivated people for many centuries. Many know about him however not everyone knows about his early life, as Saul of Tarsus and it is in My Name is Saul that Wilder brings his early life to life. In My Name is Saul, the reader will be taken on a journey back in time and will witness his tale of transformation and divine intervention all while entertaining us with creative freedom as well as lacing many factual moments throughout. It makes for a unique, incredible and memorable novel that should not be missed book lovers! 
The story of My Name is Saul is a captivating and inspirational one thanks to the many moving but also thrilling moments as well as the unpredictable nature of the book that will have the readers turning the pages with haste from beginning to end. I love books that involve a journey, and the reader has just this in My Name is Saul as the reader is taken on an extraordinary journey from start to finish.

Red Headed Book Lover
If these two opinions make you curious, great!

Grab a copy and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, let’s do take advantage of these forty-odd days leading to Resurrection Sunday…kind of like the spring cleanup out in the yard. But focused inward on ridding the dirt from our hearts and yanking out the nasty weeds from our souls. Maybe even fast from all the things that disturb our peace…like the news.

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