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Lin Weeks Wilder

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Lin Wilder has a doctorate in Public Health from the UT Houston with a background in cardiopulmonary physiology, medical ethics, and hospital administration. 

Kate Townsend in Plausible Liars:

Because I’m a huge part of the darkness taking over our world. For most of my adult life, I’ve ignored the commandments. I used God’s name as an adjective and thought sleeping around was fine so long as no one got hurt. But of course, they do, don’t they? Those birth control pills we take mindlessly are abortifacients. They kill human embryos.” She sighed. “Making a god of my career. Offending God without even thinking about it. Sin.” Kate paused. Searching for the right words, only to discover there weren’t any. “I’m with Peter. ‘Where else can we go, Lord? You have the words to eternal life.

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Plausible Liars

Finishing anything always involves paradox: the peculiar admixture of joy and sadness that a very long-term goal has been achieved. Okay, but kill the monster? Isn’t that a strange phrase to use when completing a long project- one that has taken years to finish…like a book.

Especially this book! Or is it? I’m a writer but the paradox of completion isn’t limited to writing; instead, it applies to all big, long-term projects.

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The Reluctant Queen 1st Place Feathered Quill BEST BOOKS OF 2022!

From veteran author Lin Wilder comes the story of the orphaned Jewish girl Esther in The Reluctant Queen: The Story of Esther. Wilder’s story uniquely merges historical fact with imagined, well-developed characters…Quill says: Wilder has again penned a top-notch historical fact story with The Reluctant Queen: The Story of Esther. Her writing is fast-paced and intriguing and will leave the reader longing for more.

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A Lindsey McCall Novel by Lin Wilder is a captivating addition to the Dr. Lindsey McCall Medical Mystery series, a gorgeous meld of mystery, suspense, and thriller elements. Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, Kate Townsend, embarks on a journey to expose the truth behind her controversial series Corrupting America’s Children:

Creating Chemical Eunuchs. Her investigation leads her into the contentious world of transgender politics, where she stumbles upon a complex web of secrets and hidden agendas.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lindsey McCall, the series’ central character, finds herself facing indictment for unintentional murder for the second time in four years. The US Department of Justice accuses both McCall and Townsend of being part of a massive conspiracy, setting the stage for a high-stakes courtroom drama.

Wilder combines innovative medical research with dramatic scenes to create a narrative that keeps readers turning the pages. The author’s meticulous research and attention to detail shine through in the narrative.

The intrigue is aplenty and the story unravels deep layers of deception, especially in high places. The characters are rock-solid. Dr. Lindsey McCall is a complex and relatable protagonist, and her struggles and challenges will resonate with readers. The plot features a lot of intriguing points and resonant themes.

The author has intelligently created a page-turning story on one of the most controversial topics in current US politics — the gender conundrum. I loved the prickling writing, the fully blown characters, and the author’s wonderful sense of setting. The cultural and political elements are cleverly woven into the fabric of the narrative. Plausible Liars:

A Lindsey McCall Novel is a spellbinding mystery that is filled with suspense. 



Plausible Liars by Lin Wilder is a medical drama inspired by actual events and information on transgenderism, based on studies of material found on medical gender-affirmation websites. Dr. Lindsay McCall contends with transgender politics and becomes caught up in a provoking and challenging situation. Kate Townsend is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and has published controversial articles on the dangers and impact of gender transitioning.

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Plausible Liars is a work of fiction in the mystery, legal drama, and suspense subgenres, and is part of the Dr. Lindsey McCall Medical Mystery series. The work is best suited to the general adult reading audience. Penned by author Lin Wilder, this engaging tale delves into the explosive world of parenting politics, intertwining the lives of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Kate Townsend and Dr. Lindsey McCall. .

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Plausible Liars by Lin Wilder is a legal and medical mystery. Investigative journalist Kate Townsend wrote and published a series exposing transgender issues in children. The inspiration for the series came from Danny, a three-year-old victim who attended the same preschool as Kate's child. Danny’s teacher felt obligated to affirm his gender identity after he called himself a girl a couple of times. From a young age,

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Lin Wilder, known for her expertise in non-fiction, has ventured into the world of fiction with her fifth installment in the Lindsey McCall medical mystery series, “Plausible Liars.” Delve into Wilder’s innovative narrative, which intricately navigates into the complexities of transgender politics and courtroom drama, offering readers a unique perspective on these themes.

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Wilder’s transition from non-fiction to fiction showcases her versatility as a writer. Her medical mystery series highlights her storytelling abilities, and with “Plausible Liars,” she introduces readers to an entirely new challenge by creating characters that resonate with authenticity. This fifth book in the Lindsey McCall series combines innovative medical research with a gripping courtroom scenario, resulting in an engaging reading experience.

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“Plausible Liars” presents a captivating narrative where the extraordinary becomes plausible. The story revolves around indictment, secrets, and the intricacies of transgender politics, drawing readers into a world filled with suspense and hidden truths. Readers gain a deeper understanding of these complex issues through the personal struggles of the characters. Wilder challenges readers to question their preconceived notions about these subjects.

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One of the book’s standout features is the author’s talent for creating characters who feel not only real but also profoundly relatable. These characters are an integral part of the story, forging an emotional connection between the reader and the narrative.

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The courtroom setting also adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, prompting readers to reassess their perceptions of the characters and the issues at hand. Wilder’s ability to immerse readers in the courtroom proceedings is nothing short of remarkable.

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This book is not just a story but an experience, offering readers a chance to step into the shoes of characters far outside their own lived experiences. Are you ready to dive into a world where fiction becomes an immersive experience? Grab your copy today and become part of the conversation.

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