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Because Of Me, You Will Be Hated


Outside her prison, crowds carry signs demanding her death: This Sudanese 27 year old mother  who incredibly refuses to recant her Christian faith. The Sudanese Judge allegedly sentenced her to death after saying this, “We gave you 3 days to recant, you refused and so I sentence you to death.” Thousands of Sudanese have recanted their Christianity in order to preserve their lives and those of their families. But not this young mother.

In response to the claim of a sheikh explaining how dangerous was this woman to Islam and to the Islamic community, Meriam “shot back, “I am a Christian and will remain a Christian.”

The judge has also accused Meriam Ibrahaim of adultery because her Christian marriage is not valid according to Sharia law; therefore she is sentenced to 100 lashes prior to her death by hanging. This could happen today. According to those who have spoken with the 8 months pregnant woman who lives in her cell with her 20 month old son, she is ‘not afraid to die.’

It boggles the 21st century mind; we who may arguably be the most educated of all humans who preceded us read on CNN stories that belong in the 1st and 2nd centuries. Upon searching the web just now for stories about this courageous modern warrior, a quick perusal reveals shock, astonishment, even anger in the headlines of the story that this kind of brutality is ‘allowed’ to go on. The stories are written with the naivete of our particular American insularity and ignorance.

On reflection, if we dare to reflect, we only need think of His words to us. We are told by Him the night before He dies and we are to love all men. The command is simple and clear; leaving no room for mitigation.

A long ago letter by an anonymous writer to Diognetus explains: “Christians are indistinguishable from other men either by nationality, language or custom…Christians love all men but all men persecute one can explain the reason for this hatred…

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