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I, Claudia Goes Public

I, Claudia goes public
I, Claudia goes public

I, Claudia Goes Public

I, Claudia goes public?

It’s now available for purchase?

Yes, but just the first fifteen chapters and they are free!


Here’s the background:

Several months ago, the friends of the Smith Valley Library  invited me to do an Author’s Forum to discuss the Lindsey McCall mystery series and my latest book, I, Claudia.

Great. There are few things any writer enjoys more than talking about her books with interested readers. But as the weeks and days flew by, it became evident that the new book would not be published in time.

For months, I’ve been receiving excited comments about the cover that Nancy and I created for I, Claudia.

I get it for it was that cover  which catalyzed me to begin to plumb the depths of my main characters.  Here is what I mean:

The woman in the red is precisely how I see this woman. Alone, overpowered by the weight of a wisdom for which there are no words, and yet erect, undaunted, this is Claudia Procula. The confluence of ancient Greece, Rome and Israel in the background with a reddish hue of portent. Yes! Perfect, Nancy, another consummate cover!

How could I talk about Claudia without the book in hand?


My editor, Laura Ross, came up with the notion of what she called a teaser, explaining that it was a trick of the trade which could solve my problem: “Giving them as gifts can be a nice way to enhance your reading and generate interest for the upcoming release.”

Once I’d digested the price tag, a totally unexpected expense, I decided to go for it. Nancy and I created the ‘sample’ for Claudia: the edited first fifteen chapters. And I got it printed at my local Office Depot.

Public readings are almost always somewhat awkward. And yet thrilling.

Awkward because we stand in the middle of a room with strangers there because they want to hear what we write.

Thrilling because we stand in the middle of a room with strangers there because they want to hear what we write.

I have read that some authors read their words aloud before publishing their work. I understand why because hearing the spoken words carries far more weight that does mere reading.

I learned this in my collaboration with Mark Kamish on our audiobook, Do You Solemnly Swear? As I listened to Mark’s narration, I was transported to the courtroom, transfixed by the feeling of a powerful encounter with real people and their situations…very like the sense one gets during live theater.

This is a powerful story.

Although I knew the power of this book as I wrote it, feeling the riveted attention of the folks at the forum yesterday as I read Claudia’s first words was arresting. The air was charged.

The discussion and curiosity about Pontius Pilate was lively and extended. In fact, when a latecomer asked if the new book was fiction, I heard one of the forum attendees reply that ‘no, this is based on a lot of research.’ Implying that the book is nonfiction, I smiled to myself, thinking of a piece I’d written on just that thought.

My editor Laura was right. People were genuinely appreciative of their gift and eager to read the whole of I, Claudia goes public. As am I.

In case you missed it above, here is the sample for your reading pleasure.

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