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Malthus Revisited

Malthus Revisited- The 4th in the Lindsey McCall Medical Mystery series
Malthus Revisited

Here is the final teaser for Malthus Revisited, now available for purchase at Amazon and edited by Laura, my new editor and writing partner:

Eighteen-year-old Morgan Gardner did not seem like someone who could save the world—unless you took the time to notice her eyes. And most people didn’t.

Morgan’s exceptional gifts were known only to her and to the animals she could understand better than people. For a long time, she told no one about her nightmares. Embarrassed and afraid that no one would believe her, Morgan waited until it was almost too late. Then she confided in her mom’s best friend, Dr. Lindsey McCall.

Lindsey and her husband Rich had worked hard to reestablish their lives and careers after their last harrowing escapade. Relocated in a beautiful California home and newly reunited with Lindsey’s biological daughter LJ, all seemed to be going smoothly—until an enemy from their past returned with as deadly a plan as they could imagine.

The fourth novel in Lin Wilder’s popular Lindsey McCall series is her best one yet—combining the innovative medical research her readers have come to admire with a new and terrifying threat to the world’s population: a biological timebomb. Vivid characters old and new rampage across the continents of Europe, Asia, and the U.S. to stop the contagion, picking up steam as they head toward a life-or-death climax in the remote Qinghai province of China.

Malthus Revisited adds a dystopian element to Wilder’s evolving Lindsey McCall mystery series, and is guaranteed to captivate both her loyal fans and eager newcomers to its last riveting page.

Laura’s right. It is the best of the Lindsey McCall novels to date. At least technically anyway. There are five-maybe a couple more- reviewers now reading the advanced review EBook. Now that we’ve killed the monster.

Why am I calling Laura my partner in that most solitary of pursuits: Writing?

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article for a reviewer about the work- perhaps the most critical of all- of cutting and revising a novel. In that article for Glenda, I said this:

  • Perhaps because of the adage, ‘the master appears when the student is ready,’ my new editor is making the rewrite fun. One of my favorite of her merciless critiques was ‘this feels like you are writing a whole novel in this one paragraph-either explain this or cut it. I hope you cut it.” I laughed. And cut it. Working with her feels as if I have a partner in chipping away at the unnecessary words, or even pages.

But we had not yet reached the ending. Laura disliked, as in another of her word margin phrases: Really? This is how you’re planning to leave us? With platitudes? 

I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea. After the second fix which she still didn’t like, I sent an email, saying something like this, “I think you must be getting sick of this book because…”

Classic projection:  was the one who was sick of it. Tired of the rewrites. Once again, for the nth time, I walked away from it. This time for two days. And got it. No more platitudes. This one -the 4th iteration-worked.Chapter 1 Malthus

See what you think.

Oh and click here for a read of the Prologue and 1st chapter: Chapter 1 Malthus.


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