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Remember Medical Mystery Thriller, Do You Solemnly Swear?

Do You Solemnly Swear?
Do You Solemnly Swear?

I told Mark Kamish that his interpretation of the characters in Do You Solemnly Swear? A Nation of Law- The Dark Side was superb. I’ve now listened to about 30 minutes of a story that feels new.

Mark is close to completing his narrative interpretation of Gabe McAllister, Lindsey McCall, Rich Janson and the other cast of characters appearing in Do You Solemnly Swear? The audio book will be available in a few weeks. And I am curious to hear what you all think.

Here is Mark’s interpretation of Chapter 3:  Click below -it’s about 9 minutes long.

Mark Kamish has had a number of careers. A graduate of West Point who became an Army Ranger and then after graduating from  law school, Mark became a criminal defense attorney. During his sixteen year career, he worked for something like seventy-five to eighty-five men and women who were accused of sexual abuse. Familiar with the minefields of this politically charged territory of sexual crime, he found my book on line and was intrigued.

Mark is also a veteran stage actor, exceptionally useful in the courtroom. Much of what lawyers do is, of course, acting. But many of us don’t know this. We believe that each of is innocent until proven guilty. Experience has taught me that the courtroom is  a stage where lives hang in the balance between the credibility of the prosecution and the defense. Ergo this book and Gabe McAllister’s gripping tale.

Audio is a completely different experience than reading. Perhaps like you, mostly, I read books, the kind I hold in my hands. Listening changes everything. There are some who dislike audio, I get that because reading leaves us free while Audio bounds the story. For me, the experience is very reminiscent of theater.

Writing is a strange enterprise. While non-fiction is certainly demanding: Research, Organization, Coherence, and Clarity, fiction is all of those with the added quirks of people…as in characters. Which sets the writing of fiction apart from that of non-fiction. Like another species. Mark’s Audio has made that far more apparent to me.

It’s been eighteen months since I thought of Solemnly. After all, I’m immersed in the fourth of this medical mystery series, Malthus Revisited-The Cup of Wrath. 

Taking time to revisit Do You Solemnly Swear?  has surprised me- rather than work, it’s been a real treat. Fun.

Lindsey is still in Huntsville Prison, Rich has just decided to return to criminal defense law and wow, enter Gabe McAllister who will bring with him several new and cool characters. But then, I’m biased.


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