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Spring in Nevada: Roses, Orioles and Eden

it's spring in Nevada: orioles, roses and Eden
 spring in Nevada

It’s spring in Nevada

And the benefits of my March cleanup efforts are everywhere I look. The ponds and streams constructed years ago now flow cleanly and powerfully.  The roses are magnificent.

I can recall so readily what this house looked like when we came here…can it possibly be seventeen years ago? There was nothing.

Sage brush and bare dirt where our predecessors had begun a lackluster start at landscaping but managed only to remove the sagebrush. Granted, sagebrush is not pretty, even slightly so but it sure does a bang up job preventing soil erosion. When the winds blew crazily as they do very often, all we could see was clouds of dust. I knew nothing about trees, plants, certainly zip about roses.

When my friend Nancy first suggested that I create Our Lady’s Rose Garden, she pointed to the Our Lady of Fatima statue along with the three Fatima children sitting forlornly in front of the porch in the dirt, I was dumbfounded, my thoughts all over the place. Nancy isn’t Catholic…in fact, she’s fairly close to being anti-religious…even hostile to organized religion.

Smiling at my speechlessness, Nancy explained, “They are all over Ireland. This would be perfect for a rose garden because of the southern exposure therefore morning sun.” My friend looked most pleased with herself, obviously picturing a rose garden where there now existed hard scrabble crushed granite dirt.

“Roses? You are joking, I know nothing about roses.”

“Lin, you don’t need to know anything. You just need sun, water and rose fertilizer.”

My friend was so very right. Sun, water, fertilizer and pruning…

Ten maybe twelve years later after we planted the first rose bushes, here’s an image from Our Lady’s Rose Garden that John took a few days ago.

And when we sold the Nevada house, it incorporated echoes of Eden for those who came after us.

Roses, Orioles and Eden

The orioles do look exactly like this. In fact, some of the males are an even more startling color. Strangely tropical birds in the high desert of Nevada that migrate over two thousand miles from deep in southern Mexico. And come here to breed. It’s spring in Nevada: orioles, roses and Eden.

And some springs, like this one, we see western tanagers as well.

The splendor of these gifts of spring in Nevada at times overwhelm me. The beauty feels unearthly and I think of Eden. A place I believe did indeed exist. I hear echoes of Eden now and then. When I listen to the sounds of the streams, and watch these glorious creatures in awe, I ponder frequently the mind of a creator who could conjure these creatures while keeping in mind the whales and the elephants…and me.

And I wonder about that glorious  time when we had no need to speak, when all creatures communicated without the need of words- what must that have been like to be able to know the minds of all created beings?

Spring in Nevada: Roses, Orioles and Eden

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6 thoughts on “Spring in Nevada: Roses, Orioles and Eden”

  1. Oh Lin, I read your message this morning after my 2 mile walk with Suni, my rat terrier.
    Nothing like the walk you do but none the less a wonderful walk.
    Such a nice tribute to a friend, but have I known you for 12 years? OMG!
    I knew when I saw the picture, what you would say. The yard has more than transformed into a spring wonderland. What a wonderful place to gaze upon and sit within. My hat is off to you.
    Nancy also transformed our gardens, by instructing me where and when to plant. It is almost a full time job now, but I find it a place to get lost in quiet and beauty. It is a a place to de-stress for sure.
    Thank you for sharing, the roses are outstanding…… xx

    1. What a lovely surprise on this beautiful Sunday morning Sally! Thanks for the big smile your comments have prompted! Yes, I think of our Nancy and her wise suggestions so frequently. I see the rose garden as “Nancy’s” Our Lady’s Rose garden since I’d never have had the idea if it hadn’t been for her. Like you, I find myself out there “a place to get lost in quiet and beauty.”
      Thank you for taking the time to write…hope all is well in your life.

  2. This is truly a year of magical landscapes. These colorful plants are so inviting to just sit within them and enjoy the fresh morning air. I recently returned from a trip through Death Valley. Even the red hillsides have a cast of green vegetation. Lin, enjoy your beautiful “Ladies garden”. God has surely blessed us with this colorful and very pleasant dressing of planet earth.

    1. How nice to hear from you Bud! Hope all is well with you and Max! Magical landscapes yes, indeed we are blessed with our corner of this earth!

  3. What a beautiful place to call home!! Am I to assume you are inviting us to a mid-May 2020 journey to Nevada? We mustn’t let the chance pass us by. Love you!

    1. Absolutely!! Would love it if you guys came out!! Would be cool for you to meet John…he has heard about you for many years…by the way, the next book will be back to the Lindsey May of next year, may well be in the middle of it! Am sure Julie Grayson will be in it! Love you!

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