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The Real Spiritual Battle

The Real Spiritual Battle We’re approaching Holy Week, the days of silence, reflection and accounting we’re given by the Christian liturgy each year to reply to some questions and thoughts: The real spiritual battle is forgiveness, not of others, but of ourselves. Because always, an honest examination of ourselves reveals flaws, failures and weakness–sin. Annually […]

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The Universal Search for Meaning: Belonging

The universal search for meaning: belonging We’re created to belong—to someone, something. Whether it’s a person or a cause, belonging drives the universal search for meaning. Those Hamas terrorists? The Israeli fighters? The Ukrainian people and Russians? The Mexican cartels? The gangs in LA, New York, Chicago? In a sense, they’re all soldiers. Each is

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Love: How Extrordinarily Wrong We Are About It

Love: how extrordinarily wrong we are about it. A few years ago, I wrote a piece that recalled an event not long after I converted to Catholic Christianity from decades of mostly atheism. Alone in the church after Mass I sat transfixed by the crucifix. Mesmerized by this ginormous quintessence of agony stretched over the

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On Reparations, Policy and Guilt

On reparations, policy and guilt “This is nuts,” I said to John after reading that New York was paying reparations to black Americans “affected by slavery”and that black lives matter protesters had won 13 million–a little under 10,000 per person–in a class action law suit against the city. “It’s not nuts,” my husband said, “It’s guilt. But misplaced

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Deeply Invested in Blindness: We Are All Jews Now

Deeply invested in blindness: we are all Jews now. The sobering, jolting truth of a phase penned by Liel Liebowitz: we are all Jews now, shouts out to us. “Maybe it was the spirited conversation, or maybe just the spirits served liberally throughout the evening, but at some point I turned to my friends, raised my

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The Loss of Context: Pope Benedict and Islamophobia

The loss of context: Pope Benedict and Islamophobia If you’re wondering why I’d add another opinion, analysis or virtual eulogy to the many thousands already published about the death of Pope Benedict, I understand. Especially since I’m woefully ignorant of this man, his thoughts and writings. Of over 200 published books, I’ve read one. Of Pope

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The Battleground of Conscience

The battleground of conscience That phrase seems oxymoronic—contradictory—the battleground of conscience, I know. But once I began rereading Fr. Jacques Phillipe’s Searching for and Maintaining Peace, there’s no better metaphor. But first, some brief background. The first chapter of this Fr. Phillippe’s book says it all: “Without Me you can do nothing….(John 15:5) He didn’t say,

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