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Stir Into Flame

Stir into flame Saint Paul’s Letter to Timothy from last week’s Christian liturgy feels directed to each of the 8.1 billion living souls in this June of 2024. Although there’s controversy about authorship and dates of these letters, orthodox concensus declares it as Paul’s last letter. He writes to his successor in Ephesus, from prison. […]

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Restoring Our Glory: Love of Chastity

Restoring our glory “Come ye, let Us make man in Our image, and according to Our likeness.” Now by this word “Us” He maketh known concerning the Glorious Persons [of the Trinity]. And when the angels heard this utterance, they fell into a state of fear and trembling, and they said to one another, “A

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Memorial Day and Covenants: Good and Evil

Memorial Day and covenants Memorial Day officially kicks off summer: It’s the season of beach parties, barbeques and hot dogs. Too often, only as afterthought, those who gave their lives for this “great experiment,” are remembered. More on that excellent phrase in a moment but first some background. Memorial Day began during the Civil War.

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Where Did Jesus Go?

Salvador Dali 1958 Ascension of Jesus- courtesy phillip chiripop Where did Jesus go: Come Holy Spirit! I became a new creation that Thursday evening in early September at Saint Benedict’s Abbey. The journey had been arduous and long, but I’d finally found home. After receiving the sacraments necessary for full communion in the Catholic Church,

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not about sin

Death, Hope, Heaven: What Are We Here for Anyway?

Death, Hope, Heaven, What are we here for, anyway? In my pre-Catholic ‘pagan’ years, I worried about death. Mostly because I feared standing before a God I did not think I believed in and explaining why I had wasted knowledge, understanding, and time. After twenty years as a Catholic, I would like to think that

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How Do They Do It?

How do they do it? “You have two children, don’t you?” The casual question prompted an unnerving reply. “Yes, I had a son who died at thirty-seven and a daughter who died at forty-one.” Homilist, Pastor Eric Ritter at Tuesday’s six AM Saint Matthew’s Church question, “How do they do it?” was implicit. “How do

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Therapy: Bad, Good Or None?

Therapy: bad, good or none? Abigail Schrier’s new book, Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren’t Growing Up, peels back the multlayered onion of America’s obsession with health. In this case, that of our kids. The author notes at the beginning of the book that there are kids, a small percentage, with real psychiatric problems. But

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Trust The Science: Bread Becomes Flesh

Trust The Science: Bread Becomes Flesh “Give me bread, a Catholic priest and his prayer and I’ll show you the flesh of a human heart.” The audience of forensic scientists erupted into laughter, guffaws and mockery at the speaker’s bold claim. The commotion quieted when Dr. Ricardo Castanon Gomez mentioned the names of two attendees.

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Momento Mori: Sure There’s Time?

Momento mori: sure there’s time? Time…it’s like light, air and water. We have plenty, until…we don’t. The April 8 solar eclipse that brought thousands to Texas, for just a nanosecond, revealed a darkness unlike any other. That total absence of light, reminded me of evil, also a negative: absence of goodness, of God. All of

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