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Lin Weeks Wilder

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2 New Lin Wilder Author Interviews

2 new Lin Wilder interviews? Each of the last five years this time, late September, finds me working to finish a book. This one is no different from the previous years; I am pushing hard to complete the 1st iteration of My Name is Saul. Forcing my writing to be extremely focused on Saul instead …

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Delicacy: Sharing Two Posts from Serious Reading

Since I, Claudia is now published, I have been writing a number of articles to promote the new book. And thought you may be interested in reading a couple of them. Here is the article called Delicacy first published at Serious Reading. “I was worried when my latest novel declared itself done at just under …

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Writing As A Spiritual Practice

Last year, I selected one from a list of preset questions that comprise “author interviews”: “Do you view your writing as a spiritual practice?” Surprised at the question, I stared at the words for a while before realizing that yes, I did think of my writing as spiritual… even a spiritual practice. And wrote this …

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The Strange Corollaries of Prayer and Writing

My idea of work was once restricted to the days when I worked for an institution. Only after I left that career did I broaden my concept of what it meant to me. Because I’d had a ‘career’ with an impressive title, everything else seemed like playing around, including the writing I did on vacations and weekends. Work meant getting a paycheck. Once I understood that the ‘dream’ of retirement was not one I embraced and that I needed to work, I began to broaden my definition of work to include activities that may not pay or may even cost me, if not my own money then surely, my effort.

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