Lin Weeks Wilder

Lin Weeks Wilder

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Never Forget Our Friends in Heaven

Never forget our friends in heaven Upon conversion to Catholic Christianity, it was if I’d landed in another universe, one filled with women I did not recognize and could not relate to. I met joyous moms with five, seven, ten kids who seemed filled with light, life and children. Women who continued their pregnancy through to

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2 New Lin Wilder Author Interviews

2 new Lin Wilder interviews? Each of the last five years this time, late September, finds me working to finish a book. This one is no different from the previous years; I am pushing hard to complete the 1st iteration of My Name is Saul. Forcing my writing to be extremely focused on Saul instead

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The Contradictions Of Sin And Mercy

Contradictions of sin and mercy There are times when an essay from the past feels fitting. This is one of those times. Mostly because there is one man who better understands the contradictions of sin and mercy better than any other: Karol Wojtyla. His first published work was a series of meditations prepared at the

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The Audacity of Writing

The Audacity of Writing. Every once in a while, seemingly disparate, even oxymoronic thoughts become as one: love and writing are like that for me today. There is an audacity necessary to write and to love. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Christ’s words are clear in the Gospel passage we hear repeated so

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our rule of law

Our Rule of Law and It’s Slippery Slope

Our rule of law and its slippery slope Most of us believe that our rule of law is sacred and that passing laws will fix recurring problems, address unwanted behavior, even establish a universal moral code. Examples of relatively recent legislative activity are texting while driving and sexual harassment. Note the wide definitional range between these

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How Machiavellian Are You?

How Machiavellian are you? Never thought about it? Since the word Machiavellian is defined as unscrupulous, underhanded and crafty the question of ‘just how Machiavellian are you?’ isn’t something that pops into the head of the average bear. Unless you’re a cop, or lawyer or have had sufficient experience with the justice system to know

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