Lin Weeks Wilder

Lin Weeks Wilder


Silence: Apostacy, Jesuit Priests, 17th Century Japan

Last December, the movie Silence opened to a conflicting maze of reviews. Some greatly praising the film and others exceedingly critical of the tale of the ‘apostate Jesuit priests’ of seventeenth century Japan. I watched it three days ago and am still pondering its meaning. The film is gripping and relentless. Both intensity and portent …

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Interstellar:The Dimension of Love

Since I like Matthew McConaughey a lot, I knew I would like his new movie, Interstellar a Christopher and Jonathan Nolan film. But three days later, I’m still thinking about the film, for several reasons: The cinematography is stunning. Remember the Nolans’ 2010 film Inception? Interstellar is like that-we work to grasp what is happening. From the very …

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Last Vegas

Take Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline, add a pinch or two of a mediocre screenplay and mix. The result: Two hours of pure entertainment; filled with self deprecating humor by these giants of film facing the consequences of age in the film, Last Vegas. Freeman attempting to accept graciously the anxious …

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