Lin Weeks Wilder

Lin Weeks Wilder


The Universal Search for Meaning: Belonging

The universal search for meaning: belonging We’re created to belong—to someone, something. Whether it’s a person or a cause, belonging drives the universal search for meaning. Those Hamas terrorists? The Israeli fighters? The Ukrainian people and Russians? The Mexican cartels? The gangs in LA, New York, Chicago? In a sense, they’re all soldiers. Each is …

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Stability: It’s an interesting noun- the meaning of which became radically different for me once I became a Benedictine Oblate. Many lifetimes ago, I used it to refer to critically ill patients, but as as an  adverb upon naming all the physiologic parameters used to measure the cardiac and pulmonary status of patients, “He’s been …

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The Contradictions Of Sin And Mercy

Contradictions of sin and mercy There are times when an essay from the past feels fitting. This is one of those times. Mostly because there is one man who better understands the contradictions of sin and mercy better than any other: Karol Wojtyla. His first published work was a series of meditations prepared at the …

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